Calling All Artisans!

We need more award blank templates for parks and kingdoms in amtgard! We need more beautiful and unique handmade awards! This is a challenge to you to make as many awards, handmade and on the computer, as you can. They will then be compiled and placed online onto a website, where those making awards, and needing award blanks can use them for their parks and kingdoms.

This competition lasts 3 months, and consists of one challenge a month. You will be awarded points for participating (1 point per entry), for creating the most entries in a given challenge (3 points), and for best of show per challenge, through online voting (5 points.) You will be grouped by kingdom (I am considering all freeholds to be one kingdom), anyone who plays amtgard may participate.

Sign up below (Open till May 1st)

May 1st begins the first challenge

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The person with the most points after 3 months will win, and receive a personal scribal goody basket. The kingdom with the most points will receive a scribal goody basket with materials to teach classes at your kingdom for scribal classes. And bragging rights.

The Challenges:

You may enter as many items as you choose into this competition. That means you may enter older items, already judged items, and already given items.All work submitted will be your own work, not something you found online and copied. You can use small parts from clipart, but entering work that is not your own without any changes to it will be removed.The intention of this challenge is to both create items for people in amtgard to use for their own award templates/use the ones you create, so please consider:

On the website where these will be compiled, your persona name and kingdom will be attributed to your works. However, anyone can use them to either create awards, or as inspiration for more awards, so it spreads your work, but you will not know who uses it.

Each challenge can be completed in multiple formats.

Please send all entries via email, to me, Alona TwoTrees at or via facebook. I’ll respond once I receive them.

For challenges that are not award blanks themselves-

Include high quality scan/photographs/computer generated images in .jpg/.png form, of at least 800x800 size. If you can submit in any other format as beyond that, please do. But each piece should have a copy in either .jpg or .png form.

For challenges that are award blanks-

Submit in both .jpg/.png  and .pdf form (.pdf prints much better than a .jpg or .png) Here is a free online .pdf maker, if you need one.

Be mindful of space needed to insert text- including persona name of person receiving award, where they are receiving it from, what they did to deserve such award (for memo space in ORK), when it is being given, and who is giving it.

Submit in sizes that are printable, portrait or landscape. As large as a piece of paper.

If you want to create your images on the computer, but do not have any art programs, there are a few online that are free, which you can use to create artwork:


Like photoshop, a free raster design program. Cross platform.


Like Illustrator, a free vector design program. Cross platform.

If you need help, or have any questions, feel free to ask me.

-Alona TwoTrees / Kelly Lee